AMSTERDAM Glass Mirror

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Interior designers will leave their guests mesmerized with Elegance handcrafted decorative mirrors. Browse our large glass mirror collection to add depth and style to any interior space. The thick, hypnotic glass and beautifully detailed beveled glass edges will have your walls shimmering.


The Amsterdam glass wall mirror is our most versatile decorative wall mirror. It’s large reflective face opens up any interior space. The border is a combination of beveled-glass pyramids and shimmering bubbles that make your area lighting pop. Providing wall decor design options, it can be hung both vertically and horizontally, or designers can seat it comfortably on a counter top or table.


  • Vertical wall mirror
  • Horizontal wall mirror
  • Table-top mirror
  • Dresser mirror
  • Bedroom mirror
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Kitchen mirror
  • Dining room mirror
  • Hallway mirror
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Product Specs
Height 26.5″
Width 20.25″
Depth 0.75″
Weight 11 Lbs
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