BERLIN Glass Mirror

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Interior designers will leave their guests mesmerized with Elegance handcrafted decorative mirrors. Browse our large glass mirror collection to add depth and style to any interior space. The thick, hypnotic glass and beautifully detailed beveled glass edges will have your walls shimmering.


The Berlin decorative wall mirror is designed for versatility. It’s simple beveled glass mirror design opens up interior rooms for designers to expand their design spaces and interior decorating opportunities. The mirrored glass combination of bubbled glass and square pattern design that makes up the frame will look stunning on interior walls without being the center of attention. Compliment the rest of your interior design space with this modern wall mirror.


  • Living room mirror
  • Dining room mirror
  • Entrance wall mirror
  • Decorative wall mirror for large interior rooms
  • Horizontal wall mirror
  • Vertical wall mirror
  • Standing mirror
  • Table-top mirror
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Product Specs
Height 26.5″
Width 20.25″
Depth 0.75″
Weight 11 Lbs
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